1. CHECK-IN:   Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to complete some brief paperwork.  If you would like to fill out your paperwork before you come in, click on the "new patient forms" tab to print the initial intake forms.  Simply complete the forms ahead of time and bring them with your to your scheduled appointment time.
  2. CONSULTATION:   The doctor will discuss your current health challenges or symptoms, your health history, and will walk you through what the examination will entail.  He will also take time to answer any questions or concerns you have before performing any exams.
  3. EXAM:   The examination is focused on uncovering the root of your symptoms so we can help you feel better and get well for the long term, rather than simply masking your symptoms temporarily. It involves several non-invasive tests, including a S.A.M. posture analysis, range-of-motion measurements, and specific spinal x-rays (if needed), among others.
  4. SCHEDULE FOLLOW-UP:   When the exam is complete, the doctor will explain the preliminary findings and will have you schedule a follow-up appointment to receive a detailed Report of Findings. At this critical appointment, the doctor will explain the following:
  • The results of the chiropractic examination
  • The x-ray findings if they were utilized (you will see them yourself!)
  • If it is determined your condition can be helped by chiropractic care, you can begin your care immediately. But first the doctor will provide his best clinical recommendations, treatment schedule and overall prognosis, and our various payments plans (as well as your insurance coverage details if available.)